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After the DDMA Barometer 2021 and a DDMA Talk Show in June 2021, 5 committees (Data, Decisions & Engagement, Digital Marketing Transformation, Social Media, CRO and Search) joined forces for a series of 3 Deep Dives about the cookieless world. Through practical tools and practical examples, we dived to the depths of the matter, based on the 3 biggest challenges that emerged from the Barometer: customer profiles, measurement and personalization. Based on these events, we tell you in this white paper:

  • Why the cookieless world an opportunity is
  • What the main legal developments are
  • How you can collect and use first-party data in a compliant manner
  • How you can set up a first-party data strategy
  • What the most challenging measurement dilemmas are (and the solutions)
  • How HEMA successfully uses first-party data for omni-channel personalization with first-party data

Erik Molkenboer

Teamlead content & community

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TCF-update: plan voor alternatieve cookiebanner IAB Europe goedgekeurd

Begin 2022 oordeelde de Belgische privacytoezichthouder (GBA) dat het Transparancy and Consent Framework (TCF) van IAB Europe in strijd is met de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming. Het gevolg was een boete…
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Compliant in een cookieless world: de 5 belangrijkste juridische ontwikkelingen

Het verdwijnen van third-party cookies houdt de gemoederen in de marketingsector al een tijd bezig. Ook is er een aantal juridische ontwikkelingen van invloed op het cookievraagstuk én je marketingstrategie…
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At least half the marketing sector will not be taking steps in the coming year to prepare for a marketing world without cookies.

Although more stringent legislation and cookie policy from web browsers are increasingly restricting marketing activities, only half (55%) of the data-driven marketing sector is expecting to be taking action in…