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After the DDMA Barometer 2021 and a DDMA Talk Show in June 2021, 5 committees (Data, Decisions & Engagement, Digital Marketing Transformation, Social Media, CRO and Search) joined forces for a series of 3 Deep Dives about the cookieless world. Through practical tools and practical examples, we dived to the depths of the matter, based on the 3 biggest challenges that emerged from the Barometer: customer profiles, measurement and personalization. Based on these events, we tell you in this white paper:

  • Why the cookieless world an opportunity is
  • What the main legal developments are
  • How you can collect and use first-party data in a compliant manner
  • How you can set up a first-party data strategy
  • What the most challenging measurement dilemmas are (and the solutions)
  • How HEMA successfully uses first-party data for omni-channel personalization with first-party data

Erik Molkenboer

Teamlead content & community

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