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DDMA strives for a world in which consumers and organisations can take full advantage of the benefits of data. Data is the key to innovation, relevant products and customer focused services. Together with our members, we are convinced that data enriches and empowers people’s lives – if they can trust organisations to use their data responsibly and to put customer needs first.

What we offer

Never a dull day within the data-driven marketing industry. Legislation is constantly changing, business models are under pressure and new technologies are hard to keep up with. In addition, consumers rightly expect more and more from organisations, in terms of relevance but also in the field of data protection. We make sure that you, as a member of DDMA, are always prepared for these changes. To be ready for the future.

As a member of DDMA you always have access to an extensive range of knowledge. These 3 pillars form the base of our activities:

  • What is possible (marketing): We unite the best experts within all marketing disciplines in our committees. Together we prepare the sector for the future with knowledge sessions, conferences, awards, research and publications.
  • What is allowed (legal): We help you comply with privacy and advertising legislation through our legal helpdesk, self-regulatory codes, documentation and templates, knowledge sessions and of course our Privacy Seal (Privacy Waarborg).
  • What you should strive for (ethics): We encourage you to look beyond the law. With our data ethics workshops we help our members to develop a vision on data use.

DDMA helps you by increasing social support for the (correct) use of data. We are in constant dialogue with policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders in The Hague and Brussels. We also show consumers that data-driven marketing enriches and eases people’s lives. Not only by increasing consumer confidence, but also by ensuring that you can do great things with data within workable legal frameworks.

With more than 350 organisations operating in different sectors, DDMA has a very diverse membership base. We bring together marketers, lawyers and other specialists in all sorts of ways. Sometimes only with advertisers among themselves, sometimes with as diverse a group as possible. From round table sessions to conferences, and from committees to Member Meetups – DDMA offers you the opportunity to expand your network and learn from peers.

Membership Fees 2022

The membership fee is determined by the annual turnover that your organisation earns within the Netherlands. As soon as your organisation is a member, every employee can make use of the membership.


€5 million€1.790
€5 million – 25 million €3.860
€25 million – €50 million €5.660
> €50 million€9.915


€1 million €1.790
€1 million – 3 million€3.760
€3 million – €10 million€5.660
> €10 million €9.155

For fundraising organisations, the contribution rate is determined by the income from fundraising, lotteries, ticket sales, room rental, membership fees and/or tuition (instead of turnover).

In addition to fundraising organisations, there are a few other exceptions to the fees mentioned above, such as free lancers, knowledge partners and concerns. Download information on all types of memberships below:


Are you nterested in our membership and do you want more information? Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Do your prefer to contact us directly? Please contact our relationship managers via 020 45 284 13 or membership@ddma.nl.

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