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In this report, DDMA outlines the underlying dynamics and implications behind the changes that will have an impact on the marketing team of the future. The report provides organisations with the tools to form their own vision of their marketing team and how they will structure it in the future. The goal is to inspire organisations to start a conversation and to structure their marketing teams in a way that will lead to a more sustainable, human-centered, and connected approach to marketing.

3 themes: Technology, Culture, and Organization

Together with marketing professionals from various markets, we’ve identified 9 trends that marketing teams are already and will certainly be dealing with in the future. These trends are divided into 3 themes: Technology, Culture, and Organization. The division of trends into different themes is done to create an organised structure and to provide insight into the different factors that influence current society and the business world. However, it is important to realise that some trends transcend these categories. It is therefore important not to view these trends in a silo-like manner, but rather in conjunction with each other.

Vision report – The marketing team of the future 2023

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