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Morning update AI: the near future of AI

As the Taskforce AI from the DDMA we are organising a great half-day unconference about “the near future of AI”. The event will be in the morning of the 23rd of May at Google’s Amsterdam office.

Besides 2 short introduction presentations of Merkle and ING the event will be driven by you, the attendees, in an unconference style. We ask serious engagement and sharing from everyone. With this power to co-create and drive the event, comes great responsibility 🤓. We are looking for a group of attendees with a mixed background on both the Bytes (data scientist/engineer) and the Business (marketer, PO, innovation). We believe there is great magic in mixing these different DNA’s on a topic so important for our future.

The topic is on purpose broad. Because it is an unconference and we will break up in smaller groups, we will let you decide whether you want to talk about AI driven data models or ways to change businesses with ML. We aim to create a group of people who do have in some way experience with ML.

If your interested to join this event please let us know here! The deadline for applying is the 5th of May.

I’m interested and want to apply:

Sprekers & talks

Vaidotas KurlianskasVaidotas KurlianskasChapter Lead Data Science at ING
The near future of AI from a BYTES point of view
Sam WarnaarsSam WarnaarsaFrogleap / Merkle
The near future of AI from a BUSINESS point of view