Great to see you are interested in signing up for our Monthly AI Meet-up. As the committee AI from the DDMA we organize many events and sessions every year around AI. One thing we noticed during all these small and big events is that most participants are eager to meet others in similar situations that go through similar learning curves. We wanted to offer more of that around AI.  

To keep it simple we have started a (digital) monthly meet-up, every second Thursday of the month between 16.30-17.30. Everyone who wants to sign-up is welcome to join our mailing list for free. Every edition we sent out a reminder email 1,5 weeks before that includes the introductory speaker + the designated topic around AI 

We have a wide variety of topics ranging from practical case-based experiences from participants to more generic ethics, privacyhow to get started topics, and much more. 

During the meet-ups we have an introduction around a topic and then an open discussion around a set of hypothesesWe strongly encourage participation. There will be a lively discussion. All participants have the option to add new topics for the future and vote on topics.  

We currently have participants on the mailing list from companies like KLM, TNT, Phillips, Google, Randstad and many others. See more info on the DDMA here. And more details about the committee of AI.

We hope to see you at our monthly meetup!  

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DDMA committee Artificial Intelligence

DDMA committee Artificial Intelligence

The belief of DDMA and the DDMA Artificial Intelligence Committee is that an ethical, responsible approach to AI will benefit both organizations and their customers the most, while also increasing public support for the use of algorithms and machine learning. Together we promote the use of ‘responsible AI’ for marketing and other forms of customer interaction, by sharing knowledge and know-how about AI, regulation, ethics, and engaging with policymakers and industry experts.