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DDMA White Paper: Experimentation on websites and other online environments ENG

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For a thorough execution of an experiment and effective implementation of results, you need to follow several steps. In this white paper, experts from the DDMA Experimentation & Optimisation Committee guide you through a 4-step plan that can serve as a blueprint for your experiments: The Substantiation (step 1), Setup (step 2), Analysis (step 3), and Sharing the Experiment (step 4). By following these steps, you can ensure valid and useful results that contribute to your organisation’s objectives.

Steps of the experimentation process

In-depth: a culture of experimentation

The committee has noticed that experimentation in the market often happens in silos, leading to experiments with insufficient support. Therefore, the committee advocates at all times for an experiment-driven company culture based on knowledge sharing, support, trust, and a well-defined plan for experiments. The white paper dedicates extra attention to this aspect.

Frank Overbeek, Chairman of the DDMA Experimentation & Optimisation Committee: Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to only know how to conduct an experiment. The importance of experimentation extends to all facets of an organisation. Whether it’s about marketing strategy, product development, website design, or operational processes, experimentation enables you to make data-driven decisions and constantly evolve. That’s why this white paper also emphasises the importance of iteration and creating an experiment-driven culture throughout the entire organisation.

Bob Younge


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