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Eduard’s must-see SEO speakers

Barry Adams, Founder & SEO Consultant at Polemic Digital
When Barry comes on stage, you know you walk away smarter! His sessions are always amongst the top rated ones and that’s for good reason: he always shares tons of tips and insights you can implement tomorrow. Besides that he donates his valuable time to judge the Friends of Search awards. That’s why he deserves to return to the 10th anniversary of the Friends of Search conference!

This year, Barry will look at the changes that have happened in Google SERPs and SEO tactics, and try to make some accurate but possibly insane predictions for the next 10 years.

Gary Illyes, Analyst at Google
When you work in SEO, it’s very useful to get details and clarification from Google directly on how things work behind the scenes. Gary Illyes is doing an amazing job for many years to help the SEO community as much as he can. Therefore it’s a great and rare opportunity to ask him everything you want in the live Q&A session with him on stage.

Heather Physioc, Managing Director Discoverability at VMLY&R
SEO isn’t dead — it’s commoditized. That’s the message of Heather Physioc, who does a great job in transcending the level of SEO tactics and forces you to look at how you can gain a competitive advantage in a crowded, commoditized market.

During her talk, you’ll learn how to find, activate, and articulate competitive advantage in SEO through real, working examples from some of the bigggest brands in the world. You’ll leave with actionable tips and homework to help your business stand out.

Danny’s must-see PPC speakers

Beth Quigley & Brendan Almack
If not for the three exclamation marks in their title (ROAS is killing your growth!!!), then for the fact that Wolfgang Digital is an international renowned- and awarded Digital Marketing agency, you would want to go to this talk. Beth and Brendan will be talking about why performance marketers like ROAS so much, but also how it has evolved and how it can stand in your way.

Frederick Vallaeys
If you have ever been to Friends of Search, you have probably joined a talk of Frederick Vallaeys. As one of Google’s first 500 employees, he has seen the PPC field grow from the beginning. Frederick is a great speaker and has unique insights on Automation and Tech within the PPC world. This year, he will shed his light on AI usage for PPC ads. He will shares some practical examples for using the latest AI innovations in PPC.

Ana Carreira Vidal
Incrementality has been a hot PPC topic for a while now. In other words, how can we measure the true added value? But what is Google take on it? Ana Carreira Vidal, Media Effectiveness Product Lead at Google, will tell us all about this complex matter.

Do we see you on March 23rd? Tickets are still available at: shop.friendsofsearch.com.

Bob Younge


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