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Diana Janssen began as director at DDMA in 2006, and under her leadership, DDMA has grown to become the largest industry association in the field of marketing, with over 360 organisational members and 16 employees. The search for a new director will start soon.

Robert van Geffen, Chairperson of the DDMA Board, ‘Diana’s departure marks the end of a dedicated and passionate directorship with an impressive record. Under her leadership, DDMA took the lead in new developments at an early stage. For example, the Privacy Seal was introduced in 2010. DDMA also became one of the driving forces behind putting data ethics on the agenda and stressing the importance of a human-centric marketing sector.’

Diana Janssen: ‘Two things truly characterise DDMA: firstly, providing very practical tools in a sector that is becoming more complex due to developments in data, technology, and regulations. And secondly, challenging CMOs, marketers, and lawyers to think about a sustainable and responsible future of our profession. This is needed in the coming years, looking at the big challenges that the marketing sector will face or is already facing, such as attracting new talent. I am convinced that the current DDMA team will continue to maintain this leading position. I’m proud of the great association we collectively built over the last years. It was very rewarding to work with so many inspiring and dedicated people.’

Members will be informed soon about how tasks will be carried out until a successor is found. If you would like to say goodbye to Diana personally, come to the DDMA Member Reception on January 26th.

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