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The third edition of the AI Hackathon takes place on May 12 and 13 in De Hallen in Amsterdam. During the AI Hackathon, business teams set up an innovative and smart concept in two days, with machine learning as an accelerator. To decide which teams wins, the jury takes into account scalability, practical feasibility, innovativeness, user-friendliness and the chance that the solution will actually be implemented. In addition, the jury looks at the added value for people and society and to what extent the solution meets legal privacy frameworks and ethical standards.

Hilary Richters – Lead Digital Ethics Deloitte

Hilary Richters is a Director within Deloitte and the lead of the Deloitte Digital Ethics team. Hilary set up the Deloitte Digital Ethics team and developed the Digital Ethics program which seeks to understand and embed societal values in a practical way in organisations, giving them the tools to follow their moral compass when using data and technology. Furthermore, Hilary is on the work floor and in life an advocate of and strong believer in the power and value of inclusion and diversity. As jury member of the AI Hackathon, Hilary will specifically look at the inclusivity of the developed concepts.

Marc Salomon – Dean and Professor University of Amsterdam Business School

Marc Salomon is Dean and Professor at the University of Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and Director of the MBA in Big Data & Business Analytics. His research interests are in the field of Operations Research with applications to areas such as transport and logistics, marketing and professional service firms. Prior to joining the University of Amsterdam, Marc was COO at the law firm Stibbe (2004-2013), COO and Director of Research at McKinsey & Company (1998-2004), director of the Center for Applied Mathematics at Rabobank (1996-1998) and professor in Operations Research at Tilburg University (1996 – 2005). Marc holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Econometrics from the VU University Amsterdam and a PhD in Business & Operations Research from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. As jury member of the AI Hackathon, Marc will use this scientific background to judge the participating teams.

Naomi van der Louw – Legal counsel at DDMA

As legal counsel at DDMA, Naomi van der Louw, helps DDMA members with a wide range of legal issues. Naomi is specialized in privacy and advertising law. Naomi is an expert in translating laws, rules and guidelines into practical information for marketing professionals. As jury member of the AI Hackathon, Naomi will focus on the privacy impact, explainability and the transparency of the solutions.

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