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Our benchmark is an independent and interactive dashboard, which provides cross border insights based on email campaign data. To help organizations optimize their email performances, GDMA and DDMA joined forces with ESPs and DMAs (Data and Marketing Associations) from across the world to strengthen the position of email marketing as a channel.

As we begin this third edition, we invite organizations worldwide to participate and contribute to its expansion. The more campaign data we accumulate, the more robust, insightful, and valuable the Benchmark becomes. Taking part in the study is free and will only benefit your organization, your clients and the wider industry. Interested in joining? Please contact Robin de Wouters via rdewouters@fedma.org.

Access the full dashboard here and explore its findings.

2023 Benchmark

Last year’s comprehensive, interactive dashboard was based on 122 billion emails sent and covered 69 countries, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of email marketing and highlighting two significant trends that have emerged in the industry: (1) Higher Open Rates due to the introduction of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (AMPP) and (2) Privacy rules affect deliverability and engagement levels (see full press release here).

The interactive dashboard allows users to navigate the benchmark themselves and select the filters and metrics they want. By simply clicking and exploring the dashboard, users can unlock a wealth of information and customize their analysis based on their specific needs.

About the GDMA

The GDMA is an organization that represents, supports and unites 28 Data and Marketing Associations from around the globe that focus on data-driven marketing. It promotes worldwide initiatives aimed at providing marketers with global trend information, thought leadership and know-how on data-driven marketing across all sectors, disciplines and channels. Through its members’ associations, GDMA provides access to the world’s largest network of data-driven marketing organizations and influencers.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to join our benchmark.For further information, please contact Robin de Wouters via rdewouters@fedma.org.

Robin de Wouters

Communication & Commercial Director | GDMA

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