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Sprekers: Cátia Silva & Erick Webbe
Organisatie: bol.com
Inhoud: Data science en voorspelmodellen
Datum: 11 november 2021
Event: Afternoon Update AI

Case bol.com: How we vaccinated our forecasts against Corona – DDMA Afternoon Update 11 november 2021

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DDMA AI Hackathon announces first 3 jury members

We’re happy to share that Hilary Richters (Deloitte), Marc Salomon (University of Amsterdam Business School) and Naomi van der Louw (DDMA) will be part of the jury of the DDMA…
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David Graus (Randstad Groep Nederland): ‘In the field of AI you need to be able to constantly adapt to new developments, whether legal, technical or social’

The DDMA AI Maturity Test has been newly improved. In this interview David Graus, Lead Data Scientist & Chapter Lead at Randstad Groep Nederland and part of the DDMA AI…
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Marjon van Strien (Landal GreenParks): “Don’t think too hard. Make sure your case is manageable”

The registration for the DDMA AI Hackathon is open! Ambitious companies can now register their teams to compete and show the world they are an authority in the field on…