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This event is created from DDMA’s knowledge partnership with Pega. For more information about knowledge partnerships check out the bottom paragraph.

It is no news that we are finding ourselves in a transitional phase in the digital marketing world, the ever increasing tech capabilities combined with rising consumer expectations means we have to step it UP to keep up. Currently the search is on for ’the’ solution for organisations to both satisfy prospects/customers as well as meet the business objectives. With tasks ahead like how to fix a silo’d and complex martech ecosystem, actively trying to streamline customer data to leverage this in a more efficient manner and focusing on 1st party data.

The ultimate goal; to be able to listen and respond to incoming data in real-time to create relevant conversations. HOW? well this is already in reach today(!) – we will shed light on crucial requirements; Centricity, Unification, Real-time Capabilities and (last but certainly not least) Empathy.  During this session we will expand on these key concepts and have top speakers to share their own experiences on how they found their way to a solution that has made all the difference.

We will touch on the following

  • What: What are they key concepts to get right in your journey to realize a 1-to-1 customer engagement strategy. Learn how to identify your gaps and what will be the best approach for your organisation to move closer towards your objectives. 
  • Why: If you don’t, your competitors will! it is happening, so jump on the train – and take a close look at your current ecosystem, find what is missing and solve it with the support from the right stakeholders around you. 
  • How: Learn from industry leaders such as Rabobank how they are managing their journey to a true omni-channel 1:1 customer engagement strategy by implementing a central, AI powered decisioning authority, a Customer Decision Hub.

To end the event we will cheers with a cold beverage and continue the ‘Q & A’ during a casual networking happy hour. See you there!

DDMA knowledge partnerships

In addition to members, our constituency also consists of knowledge partners, currently consisting of Pega, Salesfore.org, Adobe and Google. DDMA knowledge partners characterize themselves by operating on a European or global scale. As thought leaders, our knowledge partners are seen as innovative organisations with a lot of influence on the Dutch data-driven marketing sector. Because of this influence, we find it important that they contribute to the discussions within our association. In doing so, we find it important that our members can orient themselves to possible partners in a non-commercial environment.


Liz Sleyffers

Senior 1:1 Customer Engagement Consultant at Pegasystems

An introduction to 1:1 Customer Engagement

Paul Euler

Product Manager Customer Engagement at Rabobank

Ludo Teurlings

Product Manager Customer Engagement at Rabobank

Rabobank has been on a journey for some years and have created an infrastructure to support one million personalized customer interactions daily. In order to reach this we have build a strong structure and culture which are resting on 3 key pillars, which we will introduce during this session.

Rob Vermeer

Marketing Technology Practice Lead at Merkle

It all starts with the customer, but how do you go from a customer-centric vision to the desired future scenario (next best experience) with your new or current marketing technology stack? Merkle is a leading Pega agency partner that supports organisations in finding, implementing and optimizing their martech stack towards personal and relevant customer experiences. Rob Vermeer, Marketing Technology Practice Lead at Merkle Northern Europe, will share Merkle’s unique way of working with both technology partners such as Pega and organisations to achieve true 1:1 customer engagement.

Rene van der Laan (Moderation)

Marketing & Decisioning GTM Director at Pegasystems

More speakers to be announced

Limited amount of people per organisation:
We would like to give as many organisations as possible the opportunity to join this event physically. For this reason, max 5 people per organisation may join our event physically.

The basics

Date & time

27 september @ 15:00 17:00

Walk-in from 14:30
Drinks from 17:00


Hybrid event: in-person and virtual
Live location: Student Hotel The City
Address: Wibautstraat 129, 1091 GL Amsterdam

Language & Admission

This event is hosted in English
Free admission
Limited spaces at the venue

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