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You can create a fantastic customer experience with data. Data is not only a case of numbers. With the human capability to include creativity, it’s becoming a story of head and heart. DDMA is getting the marketeer of the 21st century ready to make something beautiful from their data. We are a non-profit platform of and for marketeers, data specialists, technicians and privacy-knowers. We create sharp field discussions about data-use in marketing. More than 300 DDMA members are actively taking part in and make up this valuable dialogue, including Philips, KLM, Adobe, Emakina, SBS, Unicef, Van Gogh and Sanoma.

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  • Get access to all the information you need in your role as a marketeer who wants to make something beautiful from your data.
  • Become an active member in one of our commissions. You’re bringing and receiving knowledge.
  • Step outside the frameworks of your job and meet people who are relevant in your career as a marketeer.
  • Receive invitations for member only meet-ups.
  • Take responsibility as a professional who is working with data.
  • Use our free legal helpdesk
  • Catch up on all the information about the data-law starting in 2018.
  • Contribute to a sustainable data-economy by not only knowing what you can do with your data but also what you should want to do with it, with the consumer at the heart of the thinking.
  • Use the DDMA Quality Mark ‘Privacy Guarantee’ as a USP for clients or give the signal to the marketing-department that data of customers need to be handled thoughtfully.

They are a member

They are a member

Membership Fees

Membership Fees


The contribution for a membership of DDMA depends on your business revenue. As soon as your organisation is a member, everyone within the company will have acces to and is able to benefit from our services. From marketeers to lawyers and from product owners to data specialists.

Revenue up to 5 million: €1.679,-
Revenue from 5 – 25 million: €3.712,-
Revenue from 25 – 50 million: €5.309,-
Revenue > 50 million: €8.721,-

Service provider/agency
Revenue up to 1 million: €1.679,-
Revenue from 1 – 3 million: €3.712,-
Revenue from 3 – 10 million: €5.309,-
Revenue >10 million: €8.721,-


*For start-ups we have a special discount rate. This discount is applicable on the membership fee of €1.648,-. Did you register your company this, or last year, at the Kamer van Koophandel? Get in contact with Mike or Sanne for more information.

We have a separate scale for freelancers. At a revenue less than €200.000,- a year you pay €288,- Excluding our Privacy Guarantee and €796,- including the Privacy Guarantee.

The contribution rate for non-profit organisations is based on the income from fundraising and the support of lotteries. (Instead of revenues).

The contribution rate is included the audit of the Privacy Guarantee. This audit is obligated for DDMA member, but an exemption is possible is possible when your organisation doesn’t process personal data for profiling or data driven marketing. This is reviewed by by the Privacy Authority of the Privacy Guarantee. Get in touch for more information.


One of the advantages of the DDMA-membership is our free-legal helpdesk. They are able to answer all of your questions about data and marketing. We see that this is a big value for our DDMA-member because of the many phone calls and e-mails our helpdesk receives daily. And that’s with a great reason; what if your great new campaign is legally unacceptable?

We have various types of model- and standard documents t support you – such as a legal processor agreements. Do you want to use it? Call our legal helpdesk or send them an email.

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More information about the DDMA membership? Contact Sanne Fontaine or Laurens Heijboer via 020 - 45 28 413