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Metaverse: The Next Grand Adventure For Advertisers

Social connection is everything, and nowhere is the advancement in human connection clearer than in the Metaverse. Games are a natural entry point to the Metaverse, with enormous titles like Roblox and Fortnite embracing a gaming community of millions with huge virtual worlds to enjoy. Players, and now advertisers, have realized the benefits of living in the Metaverse, with experiences from concerts and festivals to connecting with their favorite brands and celebrities all made possible within this virtual world.

Such sandbox platforms like Roblox allow players more freedom to let their imagination and creativity run wild, while providing an exciting platform to socialize, meet new friends, celebrate holidays, and interact in the Metaverse – far more so than more traditional advertising channels. With the age of user-generated content set to influence the future of the Metaverse, this virtual space will constantly evolve and adapt to new trends. What better opportunity is there for brands to reach and benefit from a more switched-on, lean-forward audience?