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A strategic perspective on design driven growth

Realizing growth in today’s turbulent business reality is one of the hardest tasks. A growing graveyard of startups looking to grow into unicorn scaleups, or floundering corporate ventures is just the tip of the iceberg.

Successful innovation is the key to growth and long-term survival. And with that, design thinking is at the heart of any serious strategic growth play. Yet, the harsh reality is that more than half of the companies looking to grow fail in developing the innovative growth capability required to stand a chance of success.

Innovation should be a democratized discipline in any organization. Anybody can and should innovate; especially when you are in digital marketing. If you understand the challenges of driving innovative growth from a strategic perspective, your work as a growth marketer will be more rewarding and have more impact.

During the afternoon update of the DDMA / CRO commission, I will share my perspective of design driven growth and its challenges. Also, I will bring a number of cases from well-known brands to illustrate my point of view.

Want to drive better results from digital marketing? Become a better growth innovator.