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Tinyclues is growing rapidly in Southern Europe, especially in the Netherlands. As a leader in marketing AI solutions, we value the partnership with DDMA for their expertise in marketing data and privacy. It also allows us to share our expertise in customer analytics, data-driven marketing, and artificial intelligence with other members of the association, and to gain access to valuable market insights through leading industry events.

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Tinyclues is the leading customer analytics solution, bringing value to strategic decision making, customer demand discovery, campaign planning & audience activation, with a short time-to-value marketing execution. Using groundbreaking Deep Learning technology, it provides marketers with a simple and intuitive solution to define the best audiences, topics, and overall plan for their customer-centric campaigns.

More than 100 retail and travel leaders are using Tinyclues to target, optimize and plan more than 600 million messages per month across multiple marketing channels. Tinyclues helps marketers deliver on revenue goals, improve customer experience and drive strategic outcomes.