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Afternoon Update AI: How COVID f**cked my AI Model

On November 11th, the DDMA AI committee is hosting an Afternoon Update. We’ll be looking at COVID and how changing consumer behavior has had an effect on AI models, under the catchy name: ‘How COVID F**cked my AI-Model’. We are looking at the models we worked with, what changed, and what was done to address this changed consumer behaviour. But most importantly, we discuss what we can learn from a situation like this.

This event will be held live at Lab111 in Amsterdam. As organizer we will follow the current protocols against COVID given by the Dutch government.

More speakers will be announced soon.

Sprekers & talks

Catia SilvaCatia SilvaSr. Data Scientist, Bol.com
Erick WebbeErick WebbeHead of Data Science, Bol.com
How we vaccinated our forecasts against COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world and in very different ways. While governments and health organizations seek to find solutions to this global humanitarian crisis, online retailers have been put to the test of how well they can serve their customers’ needs during these difficult times. With online shopping behavior going through a major shift and demand for essential and non-essential products rapidly increasing, reliable demand forecasting has never been more important. With demand outgrowing capacity, choices needed to be made to make the best out of the capacity available. At bol.com , we rely on data to make these choices and learn every day to improve. 

During this talk, we will take you through the approach our team took to ensure high quality forecasts and maintain confidence in the provided forecasts despite all uncertainty.