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It seems that the marketing field has finally woken up to the age old reality that society is actually very diverse. With this long overdue insight, marketers are facing a new challenge; How do you identify, reach and touch the ones you never really thought about? 

Sure, marketing communication has become more colourful, but obviously diversity and inclusivity is more than skin deep. So how do we break our old and predictable habits? Can we use data to uncover hidden opportunities to make our products and brands more inclusive of everyone? 

This Creative Mixer event will show that leaving no-one behind is important, totally possible and potentially great for business. 

Yes, we’re talking to you! 
Whether you are working on client side in a marketing role or at agency side in strategy, creative or media department, this Creative Mixer is probably very relevant for you. 

Snack sized as always.


Alex Bennett Grant

Founder, CEO – We Are Pi

The Outdoors is an insiders club, we’re on a mission to open it up.

In 2020 We Are Pi published a report called New Society Rules that sparked a conversation between Patagonia, The North Face and many of Europe’s leading outdoor brands to take action for a more inclusive outdoors.

In this talk We Are Pi founder and CEO Alex Bennett Grant will breakdown how they used cultural research to open up the outdoor industry by giving it a new purpose that will expand the market and help save the planet.

Boris Helleman

Manager Marketing, Lead Pride BRG Netherlands – Mastercard

Mastercard’s True Name feature lets cardholders with participating banks use their true first name on their card without requiring a legal name change.

For many transgender and non-binary people, the name on their credit or debit card does not reflect their identity. They often encounter sensitivity or even harassment and changing your name is an arduous legal process.

Mastercard supports the LGBTQIA+ community and is committed to equal treatment, equal opportunities and equal rights. The payments technology company addresses the challenges of misrepresentation with True Name. This innovative card feature enables people to display their chosen name on their card, helping ease a major pain point for many in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Mastercard developed a Pan EU Integrated Marketing Communications Approach to tell the story of True Name.

Learn all about it during the Creative Mixer.

Pia Ghosh

Creative Strategy Lead & DEI Lead EMEA – Google

How can brands create inclusive marketing while still feeling authentic?Everything starts with your brand DNA and product offering. With thatfoundation, understand your consumers’ true needs and motivations byuncovering insights at the source – Google Search. What are today’sbiggest learnings around topics such as DEI? And how can you applythese learnings to develop effective ads that capture attention andresonate for everyone in today’s digital video landscape?

Note: All seats for the in-person Creative Mixer are already booked

The basics

Date & time

November 30, 2022 @ 4:00pm 5:30pm

3.30 pm walk-in
4.00 pm – 5.30 pm creative mixer  
5.30 drinks


Hybrid event: in-person and virtual
Live location: DDMA office
Address: WG-Plein 185, 1054 SC Amsterdam

Language & Admission

This event is hosted in English
DDMA-members & Non-members: FREE
Limited spaces at the venue

Note that for this event a no show fee is applicable for the live seats! €50 (excl. VAT)
Cancelation 48 hours before the event is free.

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