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Get your creative inspiration!

Are you ready for another shot of inspiration? On May 10th, DDMA’s Creative Mixer will talk about the hot and happening Metaverse. As can be expected from DDMA, we will move beyond the hype and show what brands could – or even should – do and why. Can you afford to be one of the pioneers? Can you afford not to?

In a 90 minute hybrid high energy session, best practices will be shown, cases shared, and opinions formed. Whether you are a creative or a marketeer, working at agency- or client side, you cannot afford to miss this edition.

Rozalinde Kriens, Digital Marketing Lead at PepsiCo, will explain why they decided to take the leap and share their learnings. Mirjam Vosmeer, researcher at HVA will share her critical view on what the Metaverse might bring, and could take from us. Natalia Vasilyeva, VP Marketing at Anzu.io, zooms in on all the interactive possibilities virtual worlds have to offer.

Intrigued? Don’t hesitate, register here, and get ready to for some out of this world inspiration.

Date & time:

  • 3.30 pm walk-in (for attendees visiting the location)
  • 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm – creative mixer
  • 5.30 drinks (for attendees visiting the location)

Location: Studio Stream Utrecht

Otto Esser

Marketing Manager Heineken bij The HEINEKEN Company

Raise your (VR) Glasses – Heineken launches in de metaverse

Launching our new beer, Heineken® Silver, marked a very special occasion for the HEINEKEN company. When we agreed to launch, we also agreed to set ourselves a big, audacious goal and make it the biggest beer launch in Europe, ever. Although launching in the metaverse was not a goal in itself, it helped us reach new territories and consumers and most importantly, it helped us land our campaign idea in a fresh way. How did we approach it? What did we learn? Otto Esser, Marketing Manager Heineken will share his experience.

Natalia Vasilyeva

VP of Marketing bij Anzu.io

Metaverse: The Next Grand Adventure For Advertisers

Social connection is everything, and nowhere is the advancement in human connection clearer than in the Metaverse. Games are a natural entry point to the Metaverse, with enormous titles like Roblox and Fortnite embracing a gaming community of millions with huge virtual worlds to enjoy. Players, and now advertisers, have realized the benefits of living in the Metaverse, with experiences from concerts and festivals to connecting with their favorite brands and celebrities all made possible within this virtual world.

Such sandbox platforms like Roblox allow players more freedom to let their imagination and creativity run wild, while providing an exciting platform to socialize, meet new friends, celebrate holidays, and interact in the Metaverse – far more so than more traditional advertising channels. With the age of user-generated content set to influence the future of the Metaverse, this virtual space will constantly evolve and adapt to new trends. What better opportunity is there for brands to reach and benefit from a more switched-on, lean-forward audience?

Rozalinde Kriens & David Robustelli

Digital Marketing Lead Snacks NWE & Creative Director bij PepsiCo & Capitola.Social

#Nobettercombo! From eating Lay’s crisps to AR & NFT’s

How does a FMCG brand like Lay’s embrace rapidly changing digital innovation around us? In 2021 the Iconic Restaurant Flavour crisps were launched and the Benelux could vote for their favourite flavour combination. Consumers were so excited, that we went next level, introducing the Lay’s Crispy Puffer Jacket! But how was AR & NFT integrated into this campaign? What are our learnings, tips & tricks for a brand to enter the Metaverse?

LinkedIn Rozalinde & LinkedIn David

Mirjam Vosmeer

Senior Researcher VR & Videogames bij Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to the Metaverse 

The current Metaverse is presented as a massive multiplayer online VR universe, which means that user data could from now on be gathered from user behavior in Virtual Reality. I imagine that for data driven marketing, these possibilities seem extremely exciting. However, my aim for this meeting is to chat about ethical challenges this may pose. 

VR technology brought a new way for the individual to be immersed in a digital world. While a user behind a screen is constantly reminded of the real world, as it exists to the right, left, above and behind the screen, the user in VR is deprived of these reminders. In VR, only VR exists, meaning that all emotion, all perception and all excitement is experienced in the most direct way cyberspace has ever been able to offer. Is it ethical for a marketeer to try to make maximal use of this notion? Or should you try to set some boundaries beforehand? 

New generations of VR headsets may, for instance, incorporate options to gather data on pupil movement and dilation. Is it ethical to collect this data, when a consumer is visiting an online store? Should consumers always have the option to turn off this modus? 

Oculus Quest II headsets show you your physical environment, to allow you to set a physical boundary. This information can, of course, be stored as well. Do we really want Meta to have this information about our private spaces, that can even be connected to our home address?  

Praktische informatie

May 10, 2022 @ 4:00pm 5:30pm

Hybrid event:
30 live seats (Location: Studio Stream in Utrecht)
+ unlimited viewers online

Studio Stream

Maarssenbroeksedijk 2C
Utrecht, 3542 DN
+ Google Maps
Visit website

Language: English

This event is free!

Note that for this event a no show fee is applicable for the live seats! €50 (excl. VAT)
Cancelation 48 hours before the event is free.

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