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Digital Talk: How to set up your conversational analytics 

It appears that most organisations employing conversational platforms, like chatbots and voicebots, rarely use analytics. This is a missed opportunity since a well-designed and smart use of analytics can be crucial to improving the customer experience. How then, to set up your conversational analytics? Working with voice or chatbots, how do you make sense of all the data you can collect? And more importantly: how do you translate all of your collected data into actual actions to improve conversational implementations? 

In this session experts from Google and Rabobank will guide you through all the different kinds of data you can consider monitoring in your conversational analytics. We focus on data that can be gathered under three different categories of metrics: conversation-related metrics, chat session & funnel metrics and bot model health metricsWe close of by discussing the conversational analytics of the chat and voice implementations of Rabobank. 

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The DDMA Committee voice recently published a whitepaper on conversational analytics. Download the whitepaper here.

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Lee BoonstraLee BoonstraApplied AI Engineer & Developer Advocate - Google
Justin MeijerJustin MeijerProduct Manager - Sites, search & bots - Rabobank Nederland